Friday, July 29, 2005

Knitting funk...

I'm in a knitting funk, I think. Sorta kinda. I think I want to make a bag of some sort, a big felted kind of bag. Maybe a backpack. Dunno what kind or what colors. I'm still working on the never ending chevron scarf. Uuuugh. Its taking soooo long. The pattern calls for 4 skens of Koigu but I only had gotten 2. I think it will be plenty long enough.

I just casted on for some wrist warmers. Army green, wool, for my son Cooper by request! Its pretty cool when they kids request something. Daughter asked for a pair, too, so apparently these are a hit. I had made some for my brother in law last Christmas and they were a big hit with his sons (my nephews, of course). I'm planning on making both boys a pair this winter. I had used the men's pattern in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts and I may use the same unless I find a different pattern.

I'd like to make a pair for myself but I'd require something a bit more funky so I'm on a hunt for a cool pattern :)


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