Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Vaca pics..

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My baby. Fishing.

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My athlete.

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Daddy's girl...just before leaving.

And so it begins...


School started for me yesterday. I'm glad to be back. It was a particularly eventful day, though. Nothing seemed to work out right. I hope today is better.

On the good sides...I got a pedicure and manicure. Not the greatest job, mind you. I am *very* picky when it comes to pedicures since I did those in my last life. Anyway, as I'm sitting having my pedicure I get a call from my husband who was home with the kids. They start school later than I do so hubby was home with them. He decided to make a home depot run and forgot to child proof/latch the refrigerator. In case you aren't familiar...my amazing, adorable and downright brilliant dogs get into the 'fridge. And when they do, they eat the whole thing. Yeah, even whole sticks of butter. So, someone ("Daddy made sandwiches before we went to the store, Mom...) didn't latch the thing and my amazing, adorable and brilliant dogs got in there and ate a whole chicken, some cheesecake, some sausage links and snatched three sticks of butter (later found whole with Bently the beagle whom I inherited from my sister guarding/laying on them). My husband was more mad than you can imagine. He tolerates the dogs because I love them but he is really not a dog person. I was just worried that Copper would be sick from eating an entire chicken. Not worried about the bones because at one time I was feeding him the BARF diet (bones and raw food...which is a superb diet....and a much more natural way for a dog to eat). They bones are soft when they aren't cooked. I was worried because a few years ago Copper got into some tater-tots and developed pancreatitis. I didn't realize how serious this condition really is until nursing school...and I definitely don't want a repeat of that again :( He was very, very ill.

Soon it was late and they wanted to go outside. I should have known by the way they ran outside that something was up. They got skunked BIGTIME. Copper, right in the face. :shudder: I scrounged what I could find because I wasn't going to the store at 11:30 last night. I diluted a big can of tomato sauce, a big can of tomato soup and some clamato juice and doused them on the deck. Then they got a shower in the tub.

Lovely husbster, trying to set the alarm for my early call for school, changed the time to 1 hour ahead (along with the early wake up call). He does that ALL the time because he sets it in the dark. So yesssssss! I am up nice and early! So nice of him, don't you think!?

I hope today is better.
8 more days til Marah in NYC. I live for my music. :)

Here's the skunked punk..
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fashionable Girly

Finished two sets of booties for coworkers who are having babies...one is having a girl(the pink set) and the other a boy(green set). I had gotten two balls of oh-so-soft angora and promptly lost the green one! I think I may have thrown away the little ball...not sure. Anyway, I decided on the angora booties in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. Cute pattern. Really cool how its done in the double knit way on two needles at first. Once the toe and foot is done, you use 3 double pointed needles for the heel and cuff. I'll post pictures ASAP. Busy weekend working..and school starts on Monday. The summer went by waaaaay too quck!

Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm spinnnnnnning! Yesssssssss!

I pulled out my spindle and started spinning the gorgeous yellow, orange and pink roving! I was sure I was definitely over-twisting. Hmmm....so, Annie emails me with some step by steps, even though I have watched the tutorial/videos on line. Guess what? Who knew I was doing it wrong all along? Sheeeesh! Completely incorrect! I must have been doing it wrong when I began last year too. I was dangling the spindle and spinning the yarn onto it as it twisted. Now, apparently you stop the spin and move your hands....and whaaaaaa lah! Indeed. Much easier to control. Way, way less twist! That's what I get for thinking I'm an intuitive girl. I'm thinking about selling my second smocking pleater on ebay to raise funds for some kind of spinning wheel!! Too bad I couldn't find anyone to trade. Its a super amanda 32 row I believe...

Will post pictures later. I need new digital camera batteries.
The yarn is a pretty sunset. Daughter wants a scarf or hat or something with it and she isn't a pink girl at all :) I think it would make a darling baby hat and booties for a coworker who is pregnant with a girl. She's quite funky and I think she'd like it...but I am unsure if she would appreciate as much as my own daughter (who will probably thow it under her bed or leave it hanging on the canopy post and never wear it :)

I'm stopping at my LYS on my way home from an errand today. And we are going camping on Saturday so I'd love to have several projects lined up to go. I am not sure if they will have some fiber available to spin but I hope so. I think I'll pick up some Noro and something else.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Are you a Spinner? Help a girl, will ya?

Tomorrow I am vowing to pick up my roving and my spindle and spin some damn yarn. I bought some gorgeous roving on ebay last year and I was practicing. I got discouraged when I began reading about plying the yarn. I can barely spin the yarn in a one ply strand. So..what's a girl to do? Where to begin? My gorgeous roving is a dyed in yellows, pinks and reds...(I think!) I have a bad habit of throwing things away so hopefully I still have that big bag full. Drives my husband crazy when i do that :) After reading some blogs, I'm anxious to spin *and to dye...

I haven't really knit much this week/last weekend because I worked Saturday and Sunday. I am working on the Fairly Easy Faire Isle Cardigan (Stitch and Bitch) for my awesome mom :) It will be my first adult sweater! I'm using Lamb's Pride Bulky in a steel blue color which I forget the name of.

We are going camping this weekend for a week and I plan to bring a bunch of projects to work on. I should be able to work on things and get some stuff accomplished. Becasue. I start school the next week! Yikes. I can't believe its here so quick! I thought I'd miss it...but I haven't been gone long enough :)

I'm going to bed.

Friday, August 12, 2005

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My daughter asked me to make her a froggy cell phone cozy. Actually..that's not accurate. She began making it but she is also knitting a scarf. I thought I could speed the process along. She is quite pleased with it. He looks like he's giving me the finger....but he's really not :)
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Bernat Softee Chunky
size 8 circular
This pattern -> http://www.mlminspirations.com/patterns/NearlyGloves/Gloves.html

Easy, quick knit. I thought that the yarn might be too bulky but its fine and quite comfortable. I'm wearing it as I type..like a big geeky 1 gloved Michael Jackson. I didn't do the picots on the edge after trying over and over again and finally 'getting' it. They weren't laying really flat so I frogged them. They must be cool because my daughter say's they are...and she wants a pair too! On a funnier note, my son picked up the glove and declared there was a problem. "mom..you have all of these dropped stitches'. Ha! How does a 7 year old little boy know about dropped stitches??? :) I told him it was of course, a design and I did that on purpose.

I started making this lacy version for a friend of mine.....wasn't sure what I thought and they were just a little big. I'd love comments.
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Official MARAHstafarian HAT.....

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Stitch Diva studio, Girly Couture:Trendy Knit Hats Collection.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Me and my boys...

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Little one is such a ham if you can't tell. Actor, politician, rock and roller. Big brother....serious artist, athlete and comedian. I love them both so much. Its truly amazing how each child is completely different. I might even like just one more :)..but you know what they say.....be careful what you wish for ;)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Some Rock and Roll content....Yesssssss.

Once upon a time there was a young girl in Jr High School. She was watching the fairly new tv station called MTV when she spied a very handsome man dancing all goofy to some song called "Dancing in the Dark." That was the beginning of the end. :) Since then I have had a love affair with Bruce Springsteen. Its been 20 years now. His music comforts me, soothes me, makes me happy. I've seen him a measly 17 or 18 times live which is peanuts compared to others. The shows are amazing. Three times at the stage and able to reach out and slap Bruce's hand (or ass if I wanted to get myself in trouble! :) I even met him last summer. But, since that time, there hasn't been anyone, solo or group that has been able to take me there like Bruce. That is, until three years ago when I stumbled into the legendary Stone Pony after my first NJ Bruce concert. The band...Marah.

I love the music of this band. Its something that I was instantly drawn to the first time I saw them play live. Ok, that is a lie. I first looked at the lead singer and thought "whoooa. How cool is that guy!!!!" We were drinking tequila and having a great time. The music was loud and good but there was this energy about the band and I have said this before...I couldn't believe they weren't already on the cover of Rolling Stone. I've occasionally seen a band that I have never heard before that time and it usually bores me. These guys left me wanting more. I goggled them and after finding their website, I posted a brief positive review. I was very surprised to find in my email box later a sincere thank you note from one of the guys in the band.

I'm really terrible about describing music. I like most music...but, I can't get enough of *this* music. It is awesome, inspiring, stimulating, rocking, brilliant goddamn music. I've burned CD's for friends and brought them to shows because I truly believe in this rock and roll band and want to spread the love.

I've been chastised on a little message board for lusting just a little too much over these guys. Yes, they are hot. But the passion for the band goes beyond the cute guitar players. Yeah, they have some sex appeal. Just a little bit ;) But its the music, lyrics...Dave's voice, Serge's stories, its the loud guitars, its Boat and Soul and Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft. Its Marah, loud and wondrous.

I think I'm going to knit this....
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