Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And so it begins...


School started for me yesterday. I'm glad to be back. It was a particularly eventful day, though. Nothing seemed to work out right. I hope today is better.

On the good sides...I got a pedicure and manicure. Not the greatest job, mind you. I am *very* picky when it comes to pedicures since I did those in my last life. Anyway, as I'm sitting having my pedicure I get a call from my husband who was home with the kids. They start school later than I do so hubby was home with them. He decided to make a home depot run and forgot to child proof/latch the refrigerator. In case you aren't familiar...my amazing, adorable and downright brilliant dogs get into the 'fridge. And when they do, they eat the whole thing. Yeah, even whole sticks of butter. So, someone ("Daddy made sandwiches before we went to the store, Mom...) didn't latch the thing and my amazing, adorable and brilliant dogs got in there and ate a whole chicken, some cheesecake, some sausage links and snatched three sticks of butter (later found whole with Bently the beagle whom I inherited from my sister guarding/laying on them). My husband was more mad than you can imagine. He tolerates the dogs because I love them but he is really not a dog person. I was just worried that Copper would be sick from eating an entire chicken. Not worried about the bones because at one time I was feeding him the BARF diet (bones and raw food...which is a superb diet....and a much more natural way for a dog to eat). They bones are soft when they aren't cooked. I was worried because a few years ago Copper got into some tater-tots and developed pancreatitis. I didn't realize how serious this condition really is until nursing school...and I definitely don't want a repeat of that again :( He was very, very ill.

Soon it was late and they wanted to go outside. I should have known by the way they ran outside that something was up. They got skunked BIGTIME. Copper, right in the face. :shudder: I scrounged what I could find because I wasn't going to the store at 11:30 last night. I diluted a big can of tomato sauce, a big can of tomato soup and some clamato juice and doused them on the deck. Then they got a shower in the tub.

Lovely husbster, trying to set the alarm for my early call for school, changed the time to 1 hour ahead (along with the early wake up call). He does that ALL the time because he sets it in the dark. So yesssssss! I am up nice and early! So nice of him, don't you think!?

I hope today is better.
8 more days til Marah in NYC. I live for my music. :)

Here's the skunked punk..
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Blogger Mary said...

How funny! It's great to have dogs who are good at problem solving...except when they solve those problems that would we better left unsolved (how to unlatch the gate, open the door, get in the fridge!).

Hope the only thing they're suffering from is a tummy-ache!


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