Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fashionable Girly

Finished two sets of booties for coworkers who are having is having a girl(the pink set) and the other a boy(green set). I had gotten two balls of oh-so-soft angora and promptly lost the green one! I think I may have thrown away the little ball...not sure. Anyway, I decided on the angora booties in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. Cute pattern. Really cool how its done in the double knit way on two needles at first. Once the toe and foot is done, you use 3 double pointed needles for the heel and cuff. I'll post pictures ASAP. Busy weekend working..and school starts on Monday. The summer went by waaaaay too quck!


Blogger Annie said...

those are so cute. My Daughter in laws twin is having another baby in 7 months..she just had one like 2 months ago.. tell me how that works? Nevermind.. I know. I should make her a dozen of those cuties!!
Hows the spinning going.. Post pictures!! I wanna see

3:02 PM  

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