Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm spinnnnnnning! Yesssssssss!

I pulled out my spindle and started spinning the gorgeous yellow, orange and pink roving! I was sure I was definitely over-twisting., Annie emails me with some step by steps, even though I have watched the tutorial/videos on line. Guess what? Who knew I was doing it wrong all along? Sheeeesh! Completely incorrect! I must have been doing it wrong when I began last year too. I was dangling the spindle and spinning the yarn onto it as it twisted. Now, apparently you stop the spin and move your hands....and whaaaaaa lah! Indeed. Much easier to control. Way, way less twist! That's what I get for thinking I'm an intuitive girl. I'm thinking about selling my second smocking pleater on ebay to raise funds for some kind of spinning wheel!! Too bad I couldn't find anyone to trade. Its a super amanda 32 row I believe...

Will post pictures later. I need new digital camera batteries.
The yarn is a pretty sunset. Daughter wants a scarf or hat or something with it and she isn't a pink girl at all :) I think it would make a darling baby hat and booties for a coworker who is pregnant with a girl. She's quite funky and I think she'd like it...but I am unsure if she would appreciate as much as my own daughter (who will probably thow it under her bed or leave it hanging on the canopy post and never wear it :)

I'm stopping at my LYS on my way home from an errand today. And we are going camping on Saturday so I'd love to have several projects lined up to go. I am not sure if they will have some fiber available to spin but I hope so. I think I'll pick up some Noro and something else.


Blogger Annie said...

OMG, how exciting! Your roving sounds beautiful! The more you practice the easier it will get. I bet in a couple weeks you won't even need to "park" the spindle but just keep on drafting till it hits the
Good job!

9:45 AM  

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