Friday, August 05, 2005

Some Rock and Roll content....Yesssssss.

Once upon a time there was a young girl in Jr High School. She was watching the fairly new tv station called MTV when she spied a very handsome man dancing all goofy to some song called "Dancing in the Dark." That was the beginning of the end. :) Since then I have had a love affair with Bruce Springsteen. Its been 20 years now. His music comforts me, soothes me, makes me happy. I've seen him a measly 17 or 18 times live which is peanuts compared to others. The shows are amazing. Three times at the stage and able to reach out and slap Bruce's hand (or ass if I wanted to get myself in trouble! :) I even met him last summer. But, since that time, there hasn't been anyone, solo or group that has been able to take me there like Bruce. That is, until three years ago when I stumbled into the legendary Stone Pony after my first NJ Bruce concert. The band...Marah.

I love the music of this band. Its something that I was instantly drawn to the first time I saw them play live. Ok, that is a lie. I first looked at the lead singer and thought "whoooa. How cool is that guy!!!!" We were drinking tequila and having a great time. The music was loud and good but there was this energy about the band and I have said this before...I couldn't believe they weren't already on the cover of Rolling Stone. I've occasionally seen a band that I have never heard before that time and it usually bores me. These guys left me wanting more. I goggled them and after finding their website, I posted a brief positive review. I was very surprised to find in my email box later a sincere thank you note from one of the guys in the band.

I'm really terrible about describing music. I like most music...but, I can't get enough of *this* music. It is awesome, inspiring, stimulating, rocking, brilliant goddamn music. I've burned CD's for friends and brought them to shows because I truly believe in this rock and roll band and want to spread the love.

I've been chastised on a little message board for lusting just a little too much over these guys. Yes, they are hot. But the passion for the band goes beyond the cute guitar players. Yeah, they have some sex appeal. Just a little bit ;) But its the music, lyrics...Dave's voice, Serge's stories, its the loud guitars, its Boat and Soul and Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft. Its Marah, loud and wondrous.

I think I'm going to knit this....
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