Sunday, September 18, 2005

Is this a knitting blog? Well, well....

I've not been knitting anything...but I'm going to tonight after I finish reading my psyche chapters. God I hate that class....

So....Maybe I'll make my daughter those wrist warmers that I promised her. "you never make me anything, mommmmm". I have heard that recently :) Jaaaaaysus. I made her the little froggy cell phone case. Then I made her friend one (we scrapped the Green Day logo idea but we did initials on it and it came out cute enough) What does she want? Who does she think I am? Super knitter? :-) I am not.

I also have two preggo friends at school....Well, one is a friend and the other is a fellow student. I've gotta make them a little something so perhaps more of those sweet little booties I made last month.

That brings me to this......
Target has yarn? Get the F out. In the dollar bins. I'm not thrilled with it. I cast on last night trying to make a pair of those booties in the furry kinda fun fur yarn. I figured it would mimic the angora that the pattern calls for and appeared to be about the same gauge. I don't think it will be fun to knit with...its super slick, hard to pick up. Maybe its just me. They had some super cute colors like lavender and orange. Maybe it would be better with aluminum needles? I'll give it another go.


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