Wednesday, January 25, 2006


YES! I have finally completed my newsboy hat in Lambs Pride black worsted! I've been making this for a rocker friend and anxious to get it finished. After searching for the right pattern ( eschewing the Stitch and Bitch newsboy and the other bulky newboy pattern I've made and posted before). Here is the pattern I used. I was able to master the magic loop method, too!

I first made the first in black, Plymouth something. My 11 year old fell in love with it and wanted it so there went the friends hat. I wasn't completely happy with it either. Instead of continuing the increases, I stopped too early thus making more of a fitted hat with a brim...aka baseball hat sorta kinda style. I also wasn't happy with the brim, though the pattern's author told me it looked fabulous and wanted to use my picture of her website . I was a TERRIBLE picture of me :-) I also noted that the yarn was I used was really soft....I think it was Renyolds, maybe? 100% wool. In the middle of knitting the gift hat with the same yarn, I had washed my sons adopted hat. It ended up so limp, I stopped the second hat.

On to the Lamb's Pride which I should have used to begin with but my local shop was out of black and has been for months! I trudged downtown to the bigger, better shop and picked some up. I am VERY pleased with the results. I'm not 100% loving the brim but I think its just going to have to be ok. The Stitch diva brim was so better...but it was felted. I'm contemplating felting one and trying that.

My digital camera batteries are dead and there isn't another battery in this house! A picture is to come, though. I'm going to knit up a quick pair of wrist warmers to include in the package, too :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cambridge MA/Stone Pony...Asbury Park NJ

Night two....

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Testing, testing..

see this band if they play near you. You will thank me ;)

Also, if you recall, I had knitted some wrist band things a while back. It had completely slipped my mind (code for too much tequila) but at the beginning of December when we went to see Marah in NYC and Philly, I had passed on one of these to Kirk to give to Dave (my devious crush).

Cut to the Cambridge MA show a couple of weeks ago. I had noticed something on Dave's wrist, noticed his ratty hand warmers (thinking maybe I should make him a new pair)....I couldn't read the green writing. I came home that morning and downloaded my pictures. At first I thought my eyes must be fuzzy and thought I couldn't possibly be reading MARAH. Then when I figured out it was, I was shocked!! Who got the bright fucking idea to copy MY idea! How dare they?! A couple of emails and a phone call later, my sweet doppelganger, Alexa remembered that we passed it to Kirk to give to Dave.

The Asbury Park show was the next day. I caught up with Dave in the hotel room *cough* and he told me how much he loves his wrist warmer and how he wears it all the time. :-) I showed him my "DAVE HOT" version and he tried to get me to trade for it ;) I'm thinking about making some wrist warmers that have MARAH on the he doesn't have to wear both the wrist band I made and those ratty hand warmers he is sporting lately. addendum....we were, unfortunately not alone in that hotel room for what its worth. ;)

Night one...Cambridge. Image hosting by Photobucket

Dave in above mentioned wrist band...
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