Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hats, hats...

Some pictures of recent knitting projects!

Ok. This one was made for a music friend who requested a hat after seeing a different hat I had made at least TWO years ago! The original one can be found way back in my archives...probably one of my first posts. It was black and it had red skulls around the perimeter. Tommy requested just one skull. This was my second attempt at this one. I didn't like the first skull and thought it was too large. This one came out pretty much the same size. :sigh: I'm sending it anyway.

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Next up is a hat knit for another friend who happens to be a fantastic musician. His website--> The poor guy has been waiting since last winter when I promised him a hat. Now that's it's probably 115 in Texas he's getting his hat. Better late than never I guess.

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Alrighty. Lately I've been reading about a fun craft swap on Craftster. The girls are taking altiod tins and revamping them into a little trinket box. I signed up and got a partner who chose the theme of "swing dancing". Definitely challenging. But after I redid it 14 times (and I'll post the pictures after she receives it in the mail) I decided to make one for my friend Alexa to send her Cherry Pie necklace in. So, here it is. Alexa has a love of those little "hot dogs". She also digs the rock and roll and is ME except for she's younger and single. I don't think I've ever met anyone who was as similar as me. And here is her tin. It was fun.
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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Wednesday on a whim I bought two new crochet books. I haven't crocheted since......ooooh, 1992 and at that time it was only a brief stab at making an afghan for my unborn daughter. It went unfinished but I'm now back in full swing due to one little pattern in the book.

Recently crochet has had a revival. I've seen funky new hats, granny squares in all sorts of purses, hats, sweaters. Crocheted flowers....BIG. The Stich And Bitch lady put out a new book

My sister is the crocheter in the family these days. My mom used to crochet and when she took it up again several years ago to occupy her time and take her mind off her chemo I encouraged her to knit. It was so much cooler. Hipper. Not so dorky. But, I didn't always feel that way.

In truth, I learned to crochet when I was about three years old. That's roughly 34 years ago if you're doing the math. My father's mother, my Memere took care of me some days while my mom was at work. She did elaborate crocheting....bedspreads, tablecloths, doilies. I'd love to see that stuff today but I've become estranged from my father and Memere has long since passed. My Aunt and Uncle must have pieces.

My grandmother hated my mother and would tell me so in ways she probably shouldn't have told a 3 year old. I can remember her telling me that she'd NEVER hurt me and that my mother is afraid of that. I was her favorite, My cousin Tricia was adopted and she didn't like her. Looking back now and hearing stories from my Aunt and Mom, my grandmother definitely had psyche issues but she was creative and taught me to crochet. Today they tell me she was crazy and can laugh at her antics.

I don't have all that many early childhood memories. I'm sure I blocked out a ton, living with an alcoholic (her son) who verbally abused my mother. I'm sure it was stressful and I remember the fighting. But i have bunches of memories of my Memere and me crocheting in her apartment which was downstairs from my parents. Of her chair that had flat wooden arms with scratched out grooves she had made with her nails. I remember the crinkling of her colostomy bag. I remember she'd give me gingerale but warming the glass first under warm water so I wouldn't get a stomach ache so she told me. She'd give me these maple cookies that were shaped like a maple leaf and she made me my all time favorite sandwich which was an open faced grilled cheese. Take a slice of bread, butter it and top it with small squares of cheddar cheese. Broil until bubbly. MMMMHMMMM good.

So, today I crocheted a hat (pictures to come tomorrow hopefully, along with two knit hats I made) and I felt connected to my dysfunctional grandmother who loved me very much despite her kooky craziness. I cherish those happy days I had with her and the craftiness she bestowed in me at such a young age.

Goddamn. I'm crying.

Pictures to come of the knitted cowboy hat which is too large (currently trying to shrink it in the dryer), the black hat with the white skull make of lambs pride and the stripped London beanie.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I saw a cherry necklace online and immediately thought of my pal, Alexa. She digs that song by Warrant...Cherry Pie. The beading is harder than it looks....making the loops and such. Anyway, I don't think my cherries are that bad but not as gorgeous as the original.
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Mary Ella from knitty...
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And the record album cover bags I've been making. I did this one a bit differently. And they're kinda a lot of work. But still fun.
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I'm alive...

Hola. I feel so lame haven't posted a thing in eons. I had a few minutes so I thought I'd quickly update ya'll so you know I'm alive and kicking.

What I've been doing besides trying to get used to being a real live nurse *ahem* and adjust to a third shift schedule has been not much else. Kids are home from school and that's always a bit of an adjustment. But you didn't come here to read that. You're looking for "the knit". And I aint got much. :)

I've knitted a couple of beaded wrist band things which are sorta more like Bracelets.

I also knit a strap for my Reggae purse. It's made with a Jimmy Cliff record cover. I was getting ready to put on the strap and had only red when I mentioned to my husband how it would be cool if they made the strapping material in Jamaican, yellow and black. And then it dawned on me that I could knit or crochet one which would be even cooler. It's pretty rocking if I do say so myself.

I haven't been inspired to knit much else. I've started a few things and then stopped. What to knit is the issue. It's so hot out thus the hat knitting seems silly.

I have been attempting some jewelry lately. I had seen these amazing necklaces online and figured I could create something like them. HA. Uh...yeah. It's not as easy as it looks. But, I've got a few made and, as mentioned, pictures coming forth shortly.

So, to have these pictures to look forward to, hopefully this evening:

1. beaded wristband. Black and pearl.
2. Reggae bag.
3. A couple of lame necklaces...One entitled Cherry Pie, ala Warrent.