Friday, August 18, 2006

Hello knitter chicks....

Just a brief update! I'm currently working on my next pair of knucks FOR ME of course :) And I haven't quite finished the first pair, OF COURSE! The first pair...I still have to finish up between the fingers on the first one and finish the cuff on the second (and between the fingers of that one too). Still, they are almost finished and I'll finish and wont leave it a UFO.

second pair...
I stopped into my lys which is actually not the closest to me but has the best selection of delicious yarns. It's also on Main Street and I can never find parking which is why I choose to rarely drive over. I wonder how much business they actually lose because of this, you know? I've gone over before, drove around and couldn't find parking so I'd leave. This time I had just been to the shoe store with my mom and kids in the same area so I had my mom drop me off and I thought I'd run in. I wanted to get some of the felted tweed that was used in the actual pattern and I wanted a green color. I ended up getting that as well as some 'cashcotton' and I'm currently using this. It's a yummy fiber. I got it in a beigy color and wish they had it in a tweedy black kinda color. Perhaps they do the shop they only had pastels.

And I had also tried my hand at amigumuri (spelling waaaay off) for friends who were expecting. I had heard that the Dad to be loved teddy bears. I don't love this needs way more color. It's a fun little pattern though....Stitch and Bitch Crochet, Happy Hooker. I'm going to remake him but here he is. He matches a hat I made last year so I put it on him :)


Anonymous Diana said...

the bear turned out well. i have two questions for you:

-what yarn did you use for the hat?
-what pattern did you use for the hat?

it's beautiful! i've been looking for something similar for a while now. thanks!

9:07 PM  

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