Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sock Pictures. Uhhhuh.

I purchased a brand spanking new digital camera and I ADORE it. As is usually the case, now that I got this new one, hubby fixed the old one. But even fixed, this new one is so much better. Old cam didn't have a zoom for goodness sake. It was an inexpensive gift from my mother-in-law and I'm grateful but it's nice to step it up some.

First up is the Jawoll for the bro-in-law. I think these came out great and I've impressed myself by knitting the largest socks I've ever knit :) Actually, I've never knit my husband or dad a pair or socks (yet!) so there will be more big socks to come. These are baggy on me but seem to fit my husband fine. I used his size 13 shoe foot for them and he's got some big man sized calves :)

These are for me. I think. The first sock was quick and is just SO soft. I have cast on for the second sock but haven't This one is Gernanium by KnitPicks and I'll definitely be purchasing more of this yarn. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these circs. As reported by lots of other bloggers, they are very smooth to knit with. It's been a while since I've knit with my addi's but I think these are smoother and I think maybe even slightly more pointy

Ok. These is the sock I wasn't thrilled with...the colorway I think. I haven't made the second one yet because I'm unmotivated by the color...I forget what yarn this was. It's soft though. And it looks better in the picture than in real life. :)

Last but not least..this was magic stripes by Lion Brand. Sock for my middle child, my son. He is anxious for them to be done. I'm almost done with the second sock but put it aside for the Geranium sock (how selfish am I?!?!) :) I don't like the toe at al land need to rip it out some. It's too pointy. And the picture is missing....I'll have to retake it!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The sock thing...

I'm still knitting the socks. Cripes! WHat fun. I have sucessfully knit a pair out of Jawoll for the brother in law's Christmas gift. They are fabulous if I do say so myself. Just don't tell him I've worn them. Who could help it? :) It was only for a little while and I just sat knitting and watching tv. Even though they were about 8 sizes too large.

I finally got my order from Knitpicks and I do love their new circs. I'm knitting this next pair now with two of them but will probably switch to dpn's for the gusset. I LOOOOVE the new yarn I got...Memories in the Geranium color way. It's gorgeous and I'll definitely be getting more in the other colors.

I think I want to knit a pair of the infamous Jaywalkers but I'm concerned about sizing. I'd like to hopefully knit my mom and dad each a new pair for Christmas...and my sister-in-law, sister and mother-in-law. I' know thats ambitious so if anyone happens to stumble upon this here blog, I'd love a quick and easy pattern! I'm thinking a little bit about lace.

Now..I MUST get a new digital camera. This weekend I hope!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Good morning! I'm knitting socks lately fast and furious. Have I completed a pair as of late? Well, no....but I will. ;) My past sock knitting consisted of first trying the two circ method. I was able to knit two socks that way with Cat's book. Next I tried two socks on the two circs. It worked out well and I completed a pair, though it seemed to take for. ever. I was using the Queen Kahuna's book and while I love it for the detailed descriptions and detailed step by step pictures, it's almost too much. It seems SO slow compared to doing these last three and a half socks on dpn's. Recently my mom was walking around in a pair of socks. I thought she cheated on me and quizzed her on where she got the handknit socks (obvious for the self stripe). SHe informed me that I knit them for her? I did....I guess so. :) So, she's gotten two pairs and the rest are singletons.

Unfortunately my camera is out of commission. It had to happen sometime. It was a Kodak one step and I've had problems with it since the beginning. The dial at the top seemed to get stuck at the most inopportune times. Anyway, so far I have completed one sock for my mom. I forget the name of the sock yarn, but I used size 3 dpn's and it went fairly fast. The sock is a little loose so if I use this pattern next time I'll go down a size or something.

My next sock is...again, I don't remember the name of the yarn though I have the lables around here someplace. It's done in gorgeous fall shades and everyone who sees it loves it. It's for my brother-in-law who when I first decided to knit my first sock asked me the day old question 'why would you want to knit something that you can buy for 2 bucks at Walmart?'. This is the same brother-in-law who has in the past really appreciated all of the handmade 'stuff' I have done. I have no doubt he'll love them and hopefully I'll be done the second one by Christmas. These are done on size 1's....and taking a bit longer than the others.

Lastly, on Saturday night I started a pair of socks on that cheaper sock yarn found at the craft know, the self striping deal? It's black and grey with touches of red and they are flying off the needles. I'm doing these for my middle son who has nearly the same size foot as I do so if he doesn't wear them (which he says he will) I'll take them over. They're comfy. I've done one sock already and cast on the second last night. I'm half done it, on the foot, almost ready for the toe decreases. Quick. I think all socks should be knit on 4's :)

That's it for now. I hope to get that camera working again or buy a new one. Our family has decided to go to Disney World this winter and we'll need one then. That's actually a huge deal for us. We've never been on a big vacation like that but now that I'm working as a real live nurse the money issues seem to be slightly more under control.

Oh. And one last thing.....would you ever believe that I will be knitting (or most likely crocheting) a hat for a real live celebrity? It's true..more on that to come!!!!!!