Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And onto the knits!

wow. It's been like a whole year I haven't posted on this here thing. And the truth is, I've knit lots of stuff. OOoooh, where to begin?

Knitting (and crocheting) lately has come in spurts. I've started lots of projects and finished some. I should post pictures. And I even sold a hat on Etsy, believe it or not! It was something I had wanted to try and at the time, my camera was long lost thanks to my 15 year old. So, I've got some crappy pictures of some old hats I've made and don't remember if I posted.

This fall I made a cute green and white striped hat for my little boy. It was CUTE, uneven stripes with a pom-pom on top. Both of my sons are hugs skate-boarding enthusiasts and we've spent a great number of hours at the skate park. I refuse to let them go alone, even though my 13 year old begs me. I sit far enough back...

I finsed the green and white hat at the park and my little guy ran all around the park yelling 'my mom made this, my mom made this'. It got quite a good review and I've had more boys that I can knit for ask to make them a hat. Most of them want this stipey pattern with varying colors. Thus far I made an orange and white one....I think it came out wonderful. Made ear flaps and pom-poms. I also made a green and black version with the flaps and poms. The kid promply lost it and "it broke" he says the first night my son gave it to him. He'd still like another. Yeah, right. :/

Yesterday I made my daughter her long awaited teal wrist-warmers. Crocheted them up so it would be fast. She likes them. Haven't gotten a picture yet...Will post.

Oh....I made one of those punk inspired mohawk hats! It took two attempts at the hawk part....finally I ended up getting it right. Black hat with a red hawk. Nobody's wearing that one, despite it's true punk rawk look. I love it.

On the needles now...a Noro rainbow hued scarf for my daughter who is into all things rainbow these days. ANd I still have a ton of those stripy hats to do for the boys. Gotta finish the hat for the Etsy sale. And onto Christmas gifts.

1. Brother in Law- knit robot. He saw the one on the cover of (was it?) Craft magazine.
2. Mom- I want to do some kind of amigumuri *sp for her. Something different. I saw a cute little dolly dressed as a strawberry. Too sweet.
3. Aunt Mary- I'd LOVE to knit her a gnome. Or crochet. I loved the ones that were some that old issue of a magazine I cannot recall the name of.
4. nephews. You know, I had started them the Alien illusion scarf a few years ago. I think it's brilliant but way too time consuming. Maybe I can incorporate that into something else....I don't know.

This was quite the ramble, wasn't it!